Positivity Chain Game!


So, I think this is my first chain game! :0
Here is how you play:
Player A: I love the creativity in everyone's projects!
Player B: Thanks! Super Features are bursting everywhere!
You have to start the positive comment with the last letter of the last positive comment!

Remember, only positive comments! No negativity! Also, it can be to one person, or a whole bunch of people! :smile:

I searched before I posted, and could not find anything that is exactly this. Pleas inform me if there is!

Okay, I shall start!

I love how everyone is so nice on the forum!

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Mom said you have great projects :grimacing::sweat_smile:
XD I'm so bad with m's


Idk XD


Everyone is amazing at coding!


The forum is awesome!


Everyone is included on Hopscotch!


.#hopscotch4life qeq


Qusids and blurbs are kool


Like hopscotch, I do.


Oh, a bunch of coders make a bunch of amazing things I can't decide whose I like better! They are all so AMAAAAZIIIIIIIING!


Great projects, Everyone :smiley: !


Everyone gives positive comments!


Super projects by everyone!


Everyone is a great coder!


Really awesome projects are made by everyone!