'Positive Words' Alphabet Forum Game!



Hi! I believe that we, as a community, can get rid of the hate and bad comments on the forum! :0

In this game, one person starts with a positive word to describe someone with the letter a, then another person describes someone with the letter b, and so on. When there's a post with the letter z, then we start over again from the start of the alphabet. I want everyone to get a nice compliment, so try to include everyone that posts something or says something nice to you.

I will start with the word "awesome" to describe @everyone.

I want to show everyone that with nice comments, it can lift a person up and make their day, and that is my intention in this game. I didn't really see any positivity games like this recently, so I'm sorry if I didn't notice a topic with the same thing.


  • No bad comments about each other! D:
  • Please try to be on topic! c:
  • Have fun!


Best artist ever to describe


:laughing:thanks, but, you deserve the best artist:D


Caring to describe @treefrogstudios


Daring to describe an HP fan


Aw, thanks!



Yeah right!



Exciting to describe @friendship2468


Funny to describe @Anonymous


Grateful for my project to be liked by @LotsaPizza


Hilarious to describe @Rawrbear


Inspiring to describe @treefrogstudios! c:

A lot of things have changed since last month.. :0

Thanks for reviving! c:


Jokes to describe @CreativeCoder!


Kind to describe @SmileyAlyssa! c:


Thank you! You're the kind one!

Here's a like!



Potatoes to describe @LazyLizard


Where did L, M, N, and O go? XD




Inspired by @ihasfluffycupcakes


L is where we're at, right?


I have no idea....