Porting Hopscotch to another OS?



Hi, my name is Connell (@ConnellCoder) and I haven’t revisited the Hopscotch forum for over a year. Recently I’ve been trying to implement a better curriculum for computer science at my old elem.entary school. One of the options I plan to suggest is Hopscotch (along with Scratch and ScratchJr), but our school has a lot more computers and android tablets than they have iPads, so can we have a port of HS onto PC/Android/Chromebook, and if we can, when can we expect it.

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Welcome back, dude. I’m confused though, what’s the point of this topic? To promote the idea of HS to schools?


Specific OSes I’ve been thinking about for this:

  • Android
  • Windows 10
  • Chrome OS/Chromebooks
  • Raspberry Pi, possibly?
  • Ubuntu

Any other suggestions?


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Yes, and an android/ Windows/whatever port


Lately many school have been rejecting hopscotch for some reason


Before now my old school had a cruddy curriculum for coding. Even the 5th graders who wanted to learn more about CS were limited to third grade code.org courses


Maybe due to the fact that most kids don’t actually code on HS, just play games, remix other projects, RP, etc.


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Isn’t there a restriction for things like that on the HS for School app? I don’t know I haven’t actually tried to talk to them about it yet.


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I don’t think schools can really restrict that. It’s too much work to monitor all of the students’ profiles, and most kids probably wouldn’t follow the rules about projects outside of coding.


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Well, I have heard of Corellium, and easy way to run a virtual iPhone on your computer. The software itself is launching soon, but I think that it will be paid. I joined their waiting list so I guess that they will send an email about that later:

It is mostly made for mobile device development though, but it will be able to visualize an iPhone and that might be what you are looking for. It’s the best alternative that I can come up with as Hopscotch only is available on iOS if you don’t talk about the web player, of course.

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dang i cant seam to find a free ios emulator


No, there aren’t too many. Android emulators like Bluestacks are pretty easy to find, but as iOS isn’t that open source(hopefully I am correct t about that), I think that it makes it harder for developers to emulate it.