Porings what are they + a NEW project?


Hey guys one question that I think a lot of you are wondering as well...what the heck are Porings? Like I know there this cute blob thing and everyone is having a war with them but where did this even Come from? I Also Made a NEW project... A Poring Pad check it out: https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/xungr31bq


Porings are from a game called ranoke online (i think thts how you spell it) and they're the main character of it


Oh that explains a lot :joy: @SnowGirl_Studios


gaaaah can't like so here :heart:


Why cant you like? @SnowGirl_Studios


I still don't get it what they are


i'm at my maxium likes for the day... i kinda went like crazy when i logged on and lost them in 5 minutes :confused: