Porings and Agario


I love the poring you guys have made and i also love the agario game someone has made... so this page is just for some things i like!


How is this related to hopscotch? :confused:


She is shouting out awesome stuff!


but they aren't related to hopscotch unless she is gonna make a project about it or something :l


She can make a project saying she likes them


Happy12345678910 is saying some hopscotch games and art she likes on hopscotch, so this topic is related to hopscotch!


Just reminding, SBYP. There is probably a topic to give shout outs and stuff. :wink:


@SapFire the Forum is not a place to be negative.


Someone made these on hopscotcher!


I wasn't negative. It was just an emote.


How about, you make an agario game, but instead of spheres, you can make the players Porings!


i love that idea u should make it