Poring, Meeow's, Smiley's and more!



Talk about Porings and other cute things on Hopscotch here.:slightly_smiling:


There are so many remix this projects now


Well the other topic is just SOOO full!


Anyway, my Team is Meeow's and Holoo's, your poring right?


Yep they're so cute!


Ehh.. I guess they're kinda cute. Well, cuteish.

(Don't tell any Meeow's, but they are pretty CUTE!!!)



Keep this related to hopscotch :smiley:



I made Smiley to give smiles! :smiley:


I'm worried the Hopscotch Team will take our projects off because.. Well, they think it's not related to coding and stuff. I noticed that hopscotch has been about remixing and art lately, instead of coding.


I like smiley more than poring.


I made one named "Help Egg!" Where you have to go into the project and help him become colorful, and add on more!

This encourages coding, so I would have some way for the person to get inside the code and look at it.


I made an adorable BLURPY, check it out, it's SOOOOOO cute! https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/xuo3sgar7


I saw them! They are kinda cute :slightly_smiling::slightly_smiling::slightly_smiling: Do you want Meeow's and Blurpys to unite to defeat the Poring invaders?


Hahahahahhahahahahh, I just wanted to show you guys them, I don't believe in war!


Oh Okay................:expressionless: