Popularity - The In's and Out's


Hopscotch is not About Likes:

If you have a low profile then it is fine to say this, but personally I would not like it if someone famous came along and said that on my topic about getting more likes. However it is true that the point of Hopscotch is coding.

The Way to Fame:

The only way to be truely popular is to do stuff that other people like, it could be great games, or a very helpful personality, but it will not happen over night. Just do what you do, this way makes you not popular because you want to be, but because you are.

Using Popularity in a Good Way:

You can use this new-found “thing” in a good way, just go onto a small account and follow them, and spam-like them. This makes them feel great


If someone blames you for ”stealing likes” it is not your fault, you just did well.

This is not as long as I had hoped.
*Please note this is a personal opinion, feel free to respectfully disagree.

Bai - @AHappyCoder


Great speech
And I definitely agree with you


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