Popularity problems and not getting noticed


A lot of people try hard on their projects but don't get noticed. Does that happen to YOU?

  • yes
  • no
  • sometimes


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  • yes
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  • sometimes


You may choose up to 3 options.


I think almost everyone except for 'glorified' Hopscotchers experiences this. The harsh truth is: there's a lot of Hopscotchers and a lot of projects. It's impossible to notice them all.


I don't notice it I'm not THAT glorified


You've never worked really hard on a project, just to get slightly disappointed if it doesn't get many likes? Never in all of your Hopscotching? Well, I envy you, then.


Guys we should all just keep on pumpin' out projects :disappointed:soon you will be noticed all it takes is 1 project!!! :smile:


Well I did put some effort in my first, and I'm about to publish symmetry draw, it's just that I'm used to the avarage likes: 2\3 likes a project!




I try hard(very() and well I still do not get noticed


I edited your post so the poll worked :wink:.


I ran out of likes, so here! :heart:


Thank you so much I put the / on the wrong side