"Popular" People? Take Awareness to the Trap



I found this topic telling me that I was "famous" along with a couple other Hopscotchers. That topic turned into a bunch of polls talking about "how famous I am" or "does anyone notice me". I want to point out that this can hurt peoples feelings, first of all, but it can also be flattering. It can be... complicated, I guess. People start fighting for attention. It can get overwhelming, destroying the point of Hopscotch.
So Why Worry?
Don't! Enjoy your experience here on Hopscotch. Staying small can take pressure of of you and allow you to experiment away. No worries about likes, followers, remixes. Basically, I am saying that you shouldn't fall victim to the trap. Don't start worrying about oh, someone "famous" is following me! OMG, they liked my project! Yes, this may happen once in a blue, but just...
Don't Stress Over It

Hope this helped


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This is such word of wisdom, great is this! (Yoda reference)


So true, it is! ( Master Yoda, I am)


Such a great speech, this is. Loved it, I did. If only realize that this is the truth, more people would. Yoda, I am.


i guess game changers dont matter...


Being on Game Changers is a great achievement and it does matter, but only to you. Not many people have the opportunity to be on Game Changers.

What I have realized is that popular people don't seem to care about popularity, and unpopular people care. It's slightly strange.


@Kiwicute2015, "popular" people have already hit that spot, so no worries for them. Others want to join the tribe, so they badly worry, oh, am I famous yet? You shouldn't, though...


I mean that they don't say "I'm popular" or "I'm better than you" whereas some unpopular people scream it out loud that they aren't popular. Sorry for the misunderstanding :smile:.


Oh! Okay, yeah, that is a little confusing... I guess popular people don't want to ruin their reputation by being mean like that? I mean, that is a bit rude, so that's my guess.


well according to the internet I'm famous, 100% of the voters said so, but I only put 3 options down... you're famous!, you're famous!!, and you're famous!!!

(it totally wasn't rigged) but honestly if you become famous on hopscotch the people know who you are, what next? how big is that?


Sorry for late reply but...
You make a point. Also, if your popular and you do something wrong, everyone suddenly dislikes you.


But if you really just keep calm and code on people never even say "oh, am I famous yet?" (I just copied that from you post @LotsaPizza :laughing:) which I think is much the best way to Hopscotch!


Mhm. When I was drawing, I saw fame cree p up... And boom, it hit. EARN it!
Fun Fact: My first feature was a game!


Im gonna make a confession:

When I first started hopscotch, all I was caring about is how much likes I was getting and how much followers I had, but I realized, what is the point of all this when you keep on making the same projects over and over again so you can get people to notice you?

SO I stepped up my game a little. I forgot about all my likes and I just make projects so I could HAVE A SKILL, and not worry about likes.

I barely even care if I get 2 likes on a project, it's all about how much effort you put in it, and that's my mission to finally get on featured.

"The only limit is your imagination" - My Mom's Favorite Jamaican Song :joy: