PopTart's bad drawings


K sup y'all

Time for me to draw stuff terribly!!

I have drawn @BuildASnowman and @Caramel_Puffin 's profile pics

I will draw stuff for u tomorrow because my iPad is at uno percentages (1%)


And I thank you humbly for it. XD


Can you draw me a panda? XD



Draw me

A potato




Obviously not as majestic but if anyone wants any from me



But again my iPad is at uno percentages so all this is coming tomorrow :stuck_out_tongue:



Thank you! :DD


@BuildASnowman yours just slightly looks like the mix of a gladiator and a goat. Respectable.


I tried to enhance all the manly features, like the muscles, facial hair, and abs


You're not bad at drawing you're really good pt


A mix of Thor and his noble animals. (Which, by the way, are indeed goats.)


Challenge for anyone- draw PT's profile pic worse than it already is


@creativecoder can you redraw my profile picture


Well the "bad drawings" are intentionally bad but I mean if you still want me to...


Reference photo from Google



Took me 5 hours



If your not busy, can you draw me a bad Scyther?


Omg this is top on my priority list omg this will be hilarious


I want you to
I wanna see what you come up with :joy::joy: