@poptart or someone please close dis was da pointless topic of pointlessness


Like I know these peeps r my frens but who else is everyone says they r but when I try to talk to them they have a go at me or tell me to go away...or just ignore me completely....?:sob::sob::sob:
So who is my fren?

Frens I know are definitely
Sorry if I miss anyone I will add u


Hoi fren


Nobody has a go at you, ignores you, or tells you to go away! I don't see why you would say that! :0

Could you quote a post where that happened to show me? :slight_smile:


Hai! Lol u say hoi and I say hai so yep....
Hai I know that u my fren!


Plz don't be sad mai fren!:smile:
Have some choccie:



Honestly, who ever said that? When? I need to see what you're talking about.


I would but I really don't wanna get anyone in trouble I'm just asking who is my fren because every time I quote things no offence to anyone but they just flag me I get in trouble with da bosses then I get flagged and finito topic closed so sorry I'd rather not


Awwww thanks I feel better now lol



I can't help if I dunno what's going on. I have never seen that happen. Never. Like, what? I don't get why you would say that.

I've never seen anything remotely similar happen to you.


Maybe coz lol I've noticed Uve never well maybe once but that was for something else but Uve never been on one of this topics but I'll say
That the person will prolly read this but
They said about something that was happening to them the next day and people were being friendly and they sed that the person would look good in a jokey way being friendly so I posted a meme about him being sweggest then I got told of by them for posting it and I was being nice it wasn't even offencive it was an mlp and this is one incident


After a lot of confusion, what I'm pretty sure happened in that example was:

People talking.
You post a meme that has to do with it.
They tell you off.
You assume that they thought it was offensive.

I'm guessing the meme was off-topic. Yes, I know it had to do with the conversation.

That's probably why that happened. Could you tell me exactly what they said so I can understand specifically their reaction to the meme? :3


Don't worry thanks for showing interest @treefrogstudios and @StarryDream
Just close this someone....


If you want help, just ask...

Seriously, I think you're just reacting to small things as if they're bigger.


Not to be offensive :stuck_out_tongue:


Trust me I'm not when I only have like 10 frens but just forget it


The number of friends you have doesn't matter at all. Just how good of friends they are.


Yeah but most peeps here r frens with like 50 people don't worry just forget it


There's a difference between what 'most people' have and what you should have.



Off-topik: Froggie can you answer mai questions on dat H.A.B topik?


Ya sure :stuck_out_tongue: