Poppy’s palace :: pool party



He says it’s blue. He has some weird color blind thingy.


Then wouldn’t he think that my pfp is blue too?


He has a weird thing in his brain too. He has men.tal issues.




Yeah, balls have weird eye problems.


As your ball’s eye is just a dot, I think I’ll believe you.


Not all of them have dot eyes. Balls have this thing called ‘Meyourlation’. It’s where you have like a color change to a different color, something it’s thier eyes not having a certain cells.


Thank you for the science lesson. Very informative.


So, wanna make a YouTube channel?




Why? We can collab. I like collabs.


I like collars too…


Well what would you make a video about?
I like collars too :+1:


I meant collabs. And what would you make a video about?!


Idk!! That’s my point


Do you like gaming? Maybe some gaming videos?!


I don’t play games a lot lel


Do you like vlogs? You can do that?


No I don’t?

See that’s why you can’t share a channel with me, I don’t like doing anything


Not sharing a channel.
And dude, think of something.