Poppy’s palace :: pool party



Yes sir. What would that be Mr. Poppy?


the fam::
father:: @lovelydeer
father:: @Satan
delusional child:: @SunkM-Productions
weregoat:: @BlackSeal
gramma:: @Ipokemon
cat pet:: @poppy
brother:: @Jesus

come family
come to the pool party


delete all of your posts on this topic.


Why? And how come? Are they bad for you?


there is just a lot of spam near the beginning. you don’t have to delete all of them. just the ones that don’t relate to the pool party


Ok! I’ll do that now! In a minute…


Ok! I did it, now what can you do for me??


thank you, what do you want me to do?


Tell 5 people to subscribe to me. And 5 people have to! Do it! I’ll be checking my sub count! Here’s the link to it…


okay, It’ll be done.
here’s a contract:

I, @poppy, agree to

for @SunkM-Productions.



Go do it! I believe in you!


im done
congratulations on the subs, little buddy


I had 2 subs. I counted how much I got… I gotten 4 more subs. I said 5.


@poppy. I was supposed to have 7 subs. I have 6…


yes, you had 2 subs in the beginning because one of those subs was from me. I told myself and four other ppl to sub to you. make sense now?


I recounted! You are my best friend now!


dinner is almost ready!! come to the table delusional child
I’ll make your food tonight because our father is with Satan right now.


Ok, do you have any sausage?


read the menu in the first post. at the top of this topic.


Or maybe some… idk…