Poppy’s palace :: pool party



go ahead lounge this topic
if it bothers you so much, go to the bottom of the page and set it on mute

greetings and welcome to my palace-I know it’s technically a small 4 foot wide 4 foot long rotting faded pink shack in the middle of the woods, but anyhow, welcome. there are no rules here other than don’t post anything my grandma would disapprove of.

today’s event:: pool party

tomorrow’s event:: ???

dinner tonight:: fried lobster scrambled with diced cheese

dessert tonight:: marionberry icecream OR watermelon fruit cake

enjoy your stay here!


I was going to make a random topic.


Whatever then. Might as well hang here I guess…


sorry. you took too long
btw get on your swimsuit we’re having a pool party


pool party

uh huh uh huh


Mkay goes to the restroom so I can change into my awesome beach trunks


How do I look in my trunks that has a pocket.


you look okay
I guess
I’m colorblind so who knows


Ok! jumps in OWWWWW!,!,!! My *ss hurts…


No water in here?! What going on here?!


sorry…we could only find a baby pool to buy…it’s a little leaky


And this is in a porch.


you don’t jump in butt first


I did a cannon ball dude.


Pool party


I’m dying as fast as my phone does


“ when my phone dies, so do I! “


nobody will know what I’m referencing


@SunkM-Productions. Will you do a favor for me if I do one for you