PopPad Additions?



Hey everybody! I am thinking about adding additions to my PopPad, but I don't know what to add! Any suggestions? All will be considered :wink:. Thx poptart0219


Some presets like rainbow or spray paint. Some canvas textures like lined,motteled and rough! I hope this helps!


Maybe you can add custom backgrounds? You press a button, and the background comes up to add drawings on. Maybe stickers, drag and drop. Like a sun sticker.


How about a Fuzzy Draw option?


@Poptart0219 maybe you could add different types of drawing tools so when you press something it looks like your drawing with that something like for example paint brush marker crayon pencil ect


Maybe something like stickers or something, you click an emoji, and you can drag it somewhere.


I'm working on it all :smile_cat:-


Hey, any more? I've tried fuzzy draw, and I can't do that. The glitches out and it just doesn't work. I'm trying to do a calligraphy, but that might also not work. Any more possibilities?


How about a messy draw function? (Basically thin messy lines)


Chain draw? :P




Maybe you can do a kaladescope or whatever it's called section or maybe a piano or instruments!