Popkea General Topic/ Popkea is very nice!- CoM


What do you mean? oh-woah-woah What do you mean?

My title is a bit like the song

For real, What do you mean when you say " Popkea’s Super Neat "


Just trying to make people feel good : )


Please check this out!


I’m on Scratch!


On this, I’m going to make a Forum game: Blackjack. Your aim is to get 21.
J, K or Q = 10
A = 1
Hit = Want another Card
Stand = No card

I’ll use polls for Hit Or Stand
If you Want to join, first 30 who reply with @ ( your username ) will play. This will happen twice a day. 6:00 and 8:00. Good luck!


Hey @Popkea_H.S,

I’m doing a collab with someone at the moment and wondered if you want to join. It would be really cool. I might make a new topic and tag pomtl and omtl so lots of people will join.


Okay! I don’t mind. :slight_smile:



First of all, I would like to do a collab with you, if wanted.
Second, @_sylvia_H.S will play.

This is a good idea! I think more people should play this!



Sure! First, what should be our name and what will we do?


Since there is no other player, I’m sorry but we can’t play as we need more than one player.


It hurts a bit but it’s okay, it’s just a game. :confused:


Wait aren’t you Sylvia?


Well, yeah. If you read that project. I think you would understand. I wanted to give this account to my friend but I changed my mind.


Hi guys! To prevent this getting deleted, I’m going to make it very Coding-ishy


I´m sorry to tell you that it is going to be hidden anyway. There will be one whole topic for everyones´ code related stuff first to see how it goes.


Pls don’t! I know it’s not coding related but I just think we need a General Topic because it’s convenient!


Sorry, but Ana will make one big topic like this on the ninth, when the changes will be applied as a start. I’m going to close this topic. Feel free to tag me in another one if you have any questions or something.

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