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I just do art requests, polls and Shoutouts on my GT. I also answer questions, forum games and make new games! My first game is Would You Rather? Using Polls. Polls come as reply due to it not saving.

Art requests will be on my email.
Shoutouts for the week are


Username ( Forum ):
Animal or Human:
Skin Type:
Facial Expression:
Hair Colour:
Hair Style:
Eye Colour:
Tops, bottoms and shoes:
Paper or iPad:
Anime, Cute or Realistic:

Coding News

Here is a method of how to make text or custom shapes fall:

  1. Get a magenta block “when game starts”
  2. Go to control flow and press “repeat forever” with a “create a new clone” block in it
  3. Get a new magenta block with “when object is cloned”
  4. Go to looks and sounds and put “ set invisibility to 100”
  5. Then go to movements and get “set position to x ( Random 1 to 1024 ) y ( 824 )
  6. Go back to looks and sounds, once you have, put “set invisibility to 0”
  7. Go to movements and press “change y by ( -824 )

Done! Enjoy!

Sneak Peaks!!!

Well, on my @_sylvia_H.S and this account, I’m making a drone project and a mystery project

Here are some links to topics I made:

Coding: Forum Games To Make On Hopscotch
Help With Control Blocks

Math: Help With Math Blocks

Poll will close weekly on Mondays!
Would You Rather closes every month!


Thank you so much for the shoutout! :slight_smile:


Thanks For The Shoutout! :hugs:


No Problem! U are really kind!


Just edit a really old post that is still editable (like a month old), put the password and tag the person in the post, and when the person sees it, edit the password out.


If u don’t want to continue, don’t worry but can we still remain friends? I posted via email because I thought it would be sent to you only and not be shown to anyone else.


we can still work together on a game but not using a separate account if you want. Of course we can still be friends. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you! :slight_smile:


Your Welcome! Here is an idea if you are bored. Do a :rocket: or :gem: Pixel or Trail Art. :slight_smile:


Can I use the rocket? I have lots of projects in my drafts and WIPs that I started but this looks like a really good one!


Okay! I don’t mind. Everyone could have a different style of pixel / trail art.


hello just popping in


@tankt2016 sent me this via email

Username ( Forum ): tankt2016
Animal or Human: human with grayscale feathery wings
Skin Type: pale
Facial Expression: idk
Hair Colour: black
Hair Style: straight and long
Eye Colour: brown
Tops, bottoms and shoes: long sleeve shirt, leggings, blue sneakers
Background: idk
Paper or IPad: either

Here is the picture using paper.



How did you send it by email privately?


Not sure. I had to reply to this topic because every time I tried to reply via email, there would be an error.


Tysm for drawing this!
But I didn’t use email .


Thank you for the ideas. I have already made a rocket trail art (at least I am pretty sure that I’ve done that), but I have not made a diamond trail art yet.


welly, it only appeared on my email and not on that topic. :wink:


Hm maybe you have email notifications on then


Please tell me you didn’t see my mom’s email — the email my account is made under