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I just do art requests, polls and Shoutouts on my GT. I also answer questions, forum games and make new games! My first game is Would You Rather? Using Polls. Polls come as reply due to it not saving.

My Friend List ( Ask To Be My Friend )

Art requests will be on my email.
Shoutouts for the week are


Username ( Forum ):
Animal or Human:
Skin Type:
Facial Expression:
Hair Colour:
Hair Style:
Eye Colour:
Tops, bottoms and shoes:
Paper or iPad:
Anime, Cute or Realistic:

Here are some links to topics I made:

Coding: Forum Games To Make On Hopscotch
Help With Control Blocks

Math: Help With Math Blocks

Poll will close weekly on Mondays!
Would You Rather closes every month!


Thank you so much for the shoutout! :slight_smile:


Thanks For The Shoutout! :hugs:


No Problem! U are really kind!


Just edit a really old post that is still editable (like a month old), put the password and tag the person in the post, and when the person sees it, edit the password out.


If u don’t want to continue, don’t worry but can we still remain friends? I posted via email because I thought it would be sent to you only and not be shown to anyone else.


we can still work together on a game but not using a separate account if you want. Of course we can still be friends. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you! :slight_smile:


Your Welcome! Here is an idea if you are bored. Do a :rocket: or :gem: Pixel or Trail Art. :slight_smile:


Can I use the rocket? I have lots of projects in my drafts and WIPs that I started but this looks like a really good one!


Okay! I don’t mind. Everyone could have a different style of pixel / trail art.


hello just popping in


@tankt2016 sent me this via email

Username ( Forum ): tankt2016
Animal or Human: human with grayscale feathery wings
Skin Type: pale
Facial Expression: idk
Hair Colour: black
Hair Style: straight and long
Eye Colour: brown
Tops, bottoms and shoes: long sleeve shirt, leggings, blue sneakers
Background: idk
Paper or IPad: either

Here is the picture using paper.



How did you send it by email privately?


Not sure. I had to reply to this topic because every time I tried to reply via email, there would be an error.


Tysm for drawing this!
But I didn’t use email .


Thank you for the ideas. I have already made a rocket trail art (at least I am pretty sure that I’ve done that), but I have not made a diamond trail art yet.


welly, it only appeared on my email and not on that topic. :wink:


Hm maybe you have email notifications on then


Please tell me you didn’t see my mom’s email — the email my account is made under