Pop art requests for profile pics, etc? (Portraits and objects)



Guys I do drawings and turn you into pop art! Here's two photos that I turned cartoon of me:

I drew them,

Just give me your gender and what you look like as a description.

I can make you cool pop art for profile pics!


Wait, can you make popart of something else??? like not my face??


Yeah! Sure, what?



No, it's most definitely not allowed to share a picture of yourself. :0
No matter what, do not post a picture of yourself on the forum. :0


I changed it.
Also, do you think you'd want one of an object, etc?


Sure! :D
How about... A bird? A penguin? :3
Thank you! :D


Is this too hard? if it is just make it easier for yourself??? or I can give you another picture, just tell me @GamerGirl111


Woah! How do you do this? I needs to gives you requests. :o


Can I have one of a peach face, brown eyes, short black hair, dark blue glasses, and in the mold of the second one?

Thanks! c:


Wait, you have dark blue glasses too?1?1??1 :00

I mean, if you're asking for a request of you XD


Yeah. Here is a pic:


Here you go @SmilingSnowflakes
if you want a BG tell me becuase I made one but it didn't save :cry:


@GamerGirl111 how about mine!!! if its too hard I can give you another one!


Omg! Awesome! These are mine:









Took me an hour :sweat_smile:

Enjoy, tell me if you want anything changed,modified, or added :smiley:


Thanks! It beautiful!

@GamerGirl111, click my profile picture! :D


Here :slight_smile: