Polls, enthusiasm boost or not?


Hallo mein Freund!

Well, it’s been a good 2.578 months since I last coded something big. During the process it was difficult withstanding with such limitations, which indeed put me off hopscotch.

It is an extremely complex game, isn’t it.
With a subscription I would’ve added around 2 cities,
4 gyms
A Pokemon league
Team rocket
Yes I would’ve. But without the sub, it was quite difficult withstanding such limitations.

Please, rate the game out of 10

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I have been on the app for a while
But lately have been unenthusiastic with my coding experience due to how boring and frustrating it was trying to simplify a game for 2 weeks, hours and hours of this wasted time.

So, should I come back

  • Come back and code tons
  • Come back and code a bit
  • Come back and code one big project
  • Come back and post your WIPS
  • Get lost scamp

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Hey thanks. I just dunno if I can code on hopscotch without a subscription. Ideas seem to big for the editor.



Come back and have fun coding what you want.


Did you now the pig?


Just post whatever you’re having fun with! Even if it isn’t done and is still a WIP, if you aren’t going to continue with it, there’s no point leaving it as a draft.


You’re really confusing me today

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Find the inspiration, what makes you happy about coding. What you want to achieve without feeling stressed. Then make it.


8.75 is pathetic
Man I’m such an embarrassment.


More people

Oh by the way. Just wanna know
From a scale from 0 - 10 how much do you know about the stock market?
0 meaning you’ve never heard of it
10 being you know everything (absolutely impossible)
If you are above 7 come and speak to me in my GT and I’ll make you want to tap like 5 instead.

  • 10
  • 9
  • 8
  • 7
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  • 1
  • 0 You speaking English or what?

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i feel you
my ideas just end up too complex and bog down the performance…


Yeah, I have the stocks app installed on my iPhone. That’s about what I know.


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i say come back if it would make you happier. if coding frustrates you, then maybe try something else, or explore other coding platforms. just don’t feel pressured to code. it should be a fun hobby that you look forward too, not a grueling or annoying task


Nah, don’t feel like coding
The stock market is a lot more interesting.


*meine because plural?


make another account and copy over all the code to that account but with the free trial? Again you wouldn’t have to do this if there was a week where everybody is given subscription for that week.


There is one reader, so I inform one friend.


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