Polls and politics topic 2


Continued guys


Hillary won my state guys


Hillary totally won NY I don't have to look Ny is democrat


Why was that even closed

We weren't being that mean, as far as I can see


I said what the frick but I wasn't flagged


It said too many flags

But I didn't even see any flags
We weren't even being that mean, if at al


Trump closed it because he's mean



But kids want to support there clinton
or there trump

But yea, Im sure it was


Oh lol I made it too...
What do we do?


Well everyine's using this one so.. let's just use this one


lol made it too....



And guys, don't flag just because they disagree with you


wait i will use mine for the final result decussion


Vote for me and I'll run this country better than that trash bag.


No thanks I don't want her as my president.




Guys lets move it here


I made mine the third one in case the second one gets closed lol


Trump says that Muslim people would have to wear special ID cards, and uh... Hitle.r said that with Jews, so, you know...

I guess I just don't understand how someone could support him. If you knew the things he has said and done to women, and you were a woman, why vote for him? If you're a person with basic manners, you should know he's not the best choice. Now, Hillary isn't much better. The email thing isn't good, and she's done some other bad things, but she is not racist or sexist. She may be secretive, and based on things she has said, she could start potential rivalries with other countries. However, Trump is also secretive and, I mean... This morning I saw two women with Trump pins at a doughnut shop. They walked outside, and there was a person who looked very old and poor who was sleeping in a beaten up car. The car was full of trash to the ceiling, and the women looked inside. They started laughing! Trump isn't his supporters, but that seemed kind of messed up anyways. I don't care that much about who you support, but if you support Trump I can only assume you agree with his sexist, racist statements. If you dislike Hillary, then I understand she isn't the best, but she did not kill anyone, these are just anti-Hillary rumors.

god has left us for a better planet


Im back. Dunno whos winning yet