[POLL] your favorites on Hopscotch



Hey, today I'm making a topic w/ a poll because I need a few ideas. Hopefully, this will be helpful to other people too!

In the poll below, check the types of projects that you love to make on Hopscotch/love to play on Hopscotch.

  • Art (pad)
  • Hopscotchified Music
  • Quizzes (which can incorporate some of the other choices)
  • Sim Games (that you can or can't play)
  • Tappers
  • Race/Rush (like Temple Run)
  • Pixel Art
  • Spiral Draw
  • My Own Projects
  • Mess around with code
  • Other (explain in a comment)


Choose up to 11 options

Tell me if I should add anything!


Meh.. I really just like just a mix of projects. Like just messing around with code. Do you know those cool train/cars/ships or whatever that TheRealFunky63 makes? Those are awesome.


Yeah! I have no idea how he makes them but they're really good!


It's medium-hard ish coding. The making of the train isn't that hard because it's just text art. But the coding is like: change y by wheel rotation + something. Or idk I haven't looked close into the code XD


Nice topic!


Whenever I look at someone else' code: Um, how on earth is anyone supposed to understand this?




Well, when I joined hopscotch my thoughts were pixel art. Full stop. Pixel. Art. I think pixel art is simple to make and there's a ton of templates online to choose from! It's also helping me learn rgb!


I like to do trail art as well :D

@Himynameismeredith1 and @LavenderArts, @Funky_63_Greenland actually makes those with shapes, or text. Those are very hard, as you have to get them in the right postition. Funky is an amazing Hopscotcher, that's why he know she how to do so :D

unlike me


Everything in HS mainly trail art!