Poll: what do you like doing the most in hopscotch?


@LotsaPizza @Hermione @SmilingSnowflakes @t1_hopscotch @Kiwicute2016 @Follow4LikesOfficial @MagmaPOP @oio @OrangeScent1 @everyone !

  • making pixel art
  • making websites
  • making games
  • making quotes
  • making models/take requests
  • playing others' games
  • free to use backgrounds
  • all of the above



I voted games it's fun!


Games!!! Games for the win! Except I am starting to pixel art, and I have a pretty good website, and I did a lot of quotes. Hmm.


Hey, @imaginationPOP9,

So, I answered your question,. The closest match was "games", though that's not really it for me. Now, maybe you can answer mine.

I've seen several variations in forum and Hopscotch-app participants, but I have yet to understand the background story for "POP". Maybe you can fill-in the gaps. What's the origin / reference / significance of a name that contains capital letters "POP"? Is it a gamer reference? Surely, it's not "point of presence." And I doubt it's "persistent organic pollutant." I suppose it could be a reference to the sixth derivative of position. But, since you've got this name consisting of a lower-case noun prefix and a POP, plus an additional number, I'm wondering if you can shed any light on what the "POP" part means. Thanks.

By the way, I think an "other" category in your poll might have been helpful.


I voted all of the above! If I did just only games or only models, I wouldn't be a happy camper :frowning:


Hey! That's my quote! :stuck_out_tongue:


I love doing everything! Hopscotch is super fun!


Wow @oio you are so inspirational and deep all the time. You are so good with 3D and physics! And I also must say, you have an amazing vocabulary! Sorry kind of unrelated :blush:


Hi @oio ! You have really been an inspiration to me. the POP in my name is actually because I really like bubblegum and I like the "pop" sound it makes when you pop it .. So I don't really mean to copy MagmaPOP..... And I hope you don't think about it that way...


You're very kind. Thank you for answering my strange question. And, no, I wasn't concerned about your imitation of any other person on the forum or on Hopscotch. Nor do I think there would be anything wrong, if you did.

The truth is, there's just a lot of stuff that I didn't know about, but that I have seen frequently referenced on the forum. Examples include things like "Magna" characters and "Chibi" or certain popular games and animated things. I didn't know whether "POP" was somehow related to something like that. But your explanation works for me! :slightly_smiling:

So what is your favorite activity in Hopscotch? And has it always been so? Is it changing over time? Maybe you have a new idea that you are working on that you're still trying to get to work? When I have time, that's what I mess with. I like the puzzle quality of it.


I like all of the above:stuck_out_tongue: