POLL what bugs should I fix?


Hey there,

I’m looking through some bugs and I am interested in what people would most want fixed, here are some candidates:

  • Activities not populating
  • Project stops working after a while with a text object that is keeping score
  • File size of app is getting too large
  • Can’t publish really large projects
  • Losing scroll position on iPhone community
  • Dragging objects in the editor sometimes doesn’t work if you edit an iPhone project on iPad
  • Other (add it in a comment)

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Adding onto the option I clicked, that bugs also occurs in different scenarios like many loops and many things going on at once

Edit: I changed my option due to one of the options covering many


definitely the notification bug, i sometimes see a dot on the profile page icon, but get no new info.


I think That can be fixed if you fix the app file size issue, possibly.


@awesomeonion Tag omtl


Yeah that is important but I think the size of the app can get really large, in which case you have to re download it…


I would most like the notification bug and the can’t publish really large projects bug fixed :)


Definitely the project max size… i would make a json thing kinda similar to @ThinBuffalo’s pixel thing but seeing as im not good at programming/condensing stuff and the file size is small that is u n r e a l i s t i c


Definetely the size of the project. My brother and I on @SuperMarioMiniGames couldn’t publish our Super Mario Maker app for a while until an update


I think over 50% of the bugs we experience is unnecessary file increase in the app JSON

but this is only a theory


Do you want me to edit it so that I can get it to publish? I can always have a look :ok_hand:


I actually have nothing :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s already published :joy:
We had to wait a while, though. This was back at the beginning of summe

If you want to play it, it’s on game changers :D

My brother beat me to getting a project up there D:

Oh well



Ooh that game :joy:
It’s awesome!


I have super fast internet, yet projects take forever to load.


Haha, thanks
I found out that someone totally sizzled us and made a way better version of it

It’s craazy! I’ll find a link


FYI (@ThinBuffalo particularly) we put out a new version today where we no longer pretty print the file. So the size for your Mountain scene should be a bit smaller.


@HopscotchRemixer when you check in your settings app, how much space is the hopscotch app taking? Do you have projects with images downloaded in your drafts? I tried signing in as @BlastFusion and couldn’t reproduce any issues. (On an iPad 4)


I know that the data builds, I recently re downloaded it, and got it back down to around 100 MB, but my school system deleted the app, so now I can’t give you any data, and also I can’t use your awesome app now…if only we could get an android version… but oh well…
Sorry if it sounded like I was over exaggerating or rude…I just really want an Android version so I can keep playing HS


Thanks @awesomeonion
I just ran a couple quick tests with the Mountain Lake project (72x120). I was able to increase the JSON file size about 30% (82x137). Hopscotch doesn’t inflate the size and it now uploads. I also tried an increase of about 93% (100x167). This file is 2.6MB but does not upload. Previously I was able to upload a file just over 3MB, but I’m assuming that’s because the gzip compression % was greater for the un-pretty-printed format.

I’m really surprised at how few votes there were for fixing “Project stops working after a while with a text object that is keeping score”. I find it really annoying and restricting.

This could mean:

  1. There’s something about the root cause that makes it specific to only a sub-group of users
  2. Many voters didn’t understand the correlation between your description and when the screen goes white while they’re playing a project

Since “File size of app is getting too large” has many votes, I’ll mention that I observed the screenshots folder to be quite large before I reinstalled the app a few weeks ago. Based on the folder contents, I’d spectulate that when a project is played images are added to this folder and don’t get removed, building up over time.

And finally, here’s an additional list of issues that weren’t included as options in the poll. Personally, I would have picked either the 1st or 2nd item from this list as a desired fix:

  • Spurious simultaneous bumps (don’t work right)
  • Significant decrease in FPS with a few hundred clones
  • New, smaller limit with Rails 5 for project load size (not really a bug, but a new limitation none the less)
  • Null frame when exiting When Pressed rule
  • Objects don’t always appear when project is played
  • Dithered Text/emojis/characters (blurry when zoomed in)
  • Slow start on first play (FPS takes a second to come up to speed)
  • Significant lag when collision(s) are near but not yet touching
  • Long text strings without spaces don’t wrap
  • phantom bubble in Editor when scrolling left/right when bubble is highlighted
  • Editor does not index to next bubble after selecting value