Poll test will it work

  • I tried Farmee
  • I've heard of LostCreator or played a game of his
  • Neither



take away the space before the p in poll and /poll, and then take away type=test

Try this :D
- You can choose
- Hi_emphasized text_
- Isn't this cool?


Remove the spaces behind the word poll. :D
And remove the "type=test". :D
Then it should work! :D


Try doing this
- test
- lol
[ /poll]

But no spaces for the [/ poll]
Space between the - tho

- lol
- more lol
- potato

Would make

  • lol
  • more lol
  • potato


You can do it. You can also post tests in other poll topics! :wink:


Welcome to the forum!! Here's how you make a poll

- 1
- 2
- 3

  • I'm really awesome
  • I like cheese
  • Jon Cena (music)