Poll! Please vote!


I haven't been on for a while! So I wanted to post a poll for you guys to vote on the new update!
- I :heart: it!!!!
- Ok. :frowning:
- Awful... :scream:


Be sure to do
[/poll] at the end.


There's a new hopscotch update?


Really? :confused: can you take a screenshot of the new features?


There has not been a new beta and I am on the beta team and they said they have not been on for awhile so it's a old update guys!


Welcome back! I missed you!

  • I :heart: It!
  • ok. :worried:
  • Awful...:scream:



Yeah I'm on the beta I downloaded the beta app from a link and I haven't even got the next beta yet. In fact I haven't even gotten the first one!


Yeah they must be adding some big things cause there has not been a beta forever!