Poll i hope this will work



What do I need to do more

1 games.
-1 art


Oh:frowning:️ What did I do wrong


You mean this?

  • Games
  • Art



You need a - between 1 games!


- Games
- Art

Make sure you are doing exactly what's above!


First, you put

in brackets like that. It should look like this:
Then press return and in the next section, type - (add option here)
Make sure that there is a space!
So know it looks like
- 1
Press return and add your next options until you are done.
When you are finished, type in [ /poll]
(Don't add the space!)
So know you have your poll!
- Normal Sweet Potato
- Purple Sweet Potato

For some reason, (I don't know why), my polls are glitching and it's difficult for me to make them.


Use this format!
- Games
- Art


Shouldn't there be a / on the last poll? :wink:


Oops! I forgot to add it :unamused:


It's OK! :wink:
My polls don't work for me! (So everybody should look at the other examples, they glitch my iPad)

  • example 1
  • example 2



I am going to try too.

  • this worked
  • it did not work