Poll for public accounts


Do you think THT should ban public accounts? If enough people say yes, I will tag THT to see if we can make this official.

  • Yes
  • No


Votes are public.


Stop Spam Flagging, Public Accounts, and Flame Wars
Recycled topic blah blah blah

Oh yeah, if you think they should be allowed, please tell me why.




They are risky but that doesn't mean they should be banned


Public accounts can be fun and harmless…if people use it appropriately


Fully public accounts aren't great, but collab ones with 2-3 users are okay, I guess, it really depends on wheather or not we can handle it, which, at this point, is a 'no'.


We need to stop them spreading but banning them is a bit too much


I just said yes but what are public accounts?




I made something like this and everyone got mad at me...
To be honest that was two people mkay

But yes I do want them banned, there's getting out of hand.



I agreee!


Here's a like: :heart:


But (I think) if this 2-3 users will be like Jess888 n HappyDolphin, this is very bad...


I am not against public accounts approved by THT or with moderation. Just to be clear.


I see no point at all.


Yes, but not the users.


Public accounts are very useful because people can try Hopscotch without making a new account.


We mean for the fourm, not hopscotch its self.

But I do support having one on the app! It would be a good idea for people if they dont want to sign up!


Oh, for the forum. I still think they should be allowed so we can use the forum without making an account.


Although they can be super fun and cool I think public accounts should be banned because it's too much of a risk. :(