Poll For My Draw Pad!



So, I'm making a draw pad. I wanted it to be a little more organized, so I put the colors in tabs, or drop-down menus. Today I was thinking, "Maybe it appeals to people more if they can see all the colors..." So, I wanted to get your opinion. Would you rather have a draw pad with all the colors shown, or in a drop-down menu?

  • Drop-Down Menus
  • Open


Here's The Link to the Project...

And here's a pic!


Drop down menu! Drop down menu!


oh yeah and can like log in my account( remember you were collabing with meh) and like work on the bunny? its almost Easter! 2 more days!




thanks! :sparkling_heart:


Definitely drop downs! :wink:


Check drafts @Deadfr


I shalllll! @EggsOnSaturn1


I cant bc my sis is using it, sry!


It's fine! I started already :wink:


okat.. sry I counldn't help....


So.... Many.... Draw pad topics.... Lol. I like the drop downs. That's unique and different than other draw pads. And you have more room and are not entirely blocked by colors all the time.