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Hi, I need some information for a project I'm making.

What kind of projects do you make the most?

  • Art
  • Pixel art
  • Games
  • None of the above/Other


Thanks! :smile:
(I have no idea what category I should put this is lol. Help with code?)


Does art count as trail art to or not :DDDDD


I like making games!

When I go into HS, at least 50% of the projects nowadays are art/drawings! It's weird, why is there so much drawing?


Cause people like to draw! I also draw, myself!


It can be any type of art :slight_smile:


Oh thanks :DDDD


Technically pixel art is a type of art too!:slight_smile:


About 70-60% of mai projects are drawings.
Followed by shape/trail art and a smol fraction of remixes


Animation that's it


(I did art and games before)


I know, right? :|


Please @staff or somebody close dis