Poll (finally) who do you like more?



Who do you like more

  • Bear
  • Bird
  • Octo



Hi @Alio000 glad that the poll worked. While this is related to Hopscotch, I'm not sure how it would be useful for other Hopscotchers as a post on the forum, but you can definitely ask if you're wondering which of these characters to use in a project :smiley:


Don't know why this was flagged.
All I wanted to know was what character was better so I could use them in a project:(


Maybe someone thought that it was irrelevant and spam so they flagged it or maybe it was a mistake :confused:


That's okay. I voted for Bird since I have her as my avatar. What kind of project are you thinking about @Alio000?


Thanks @Alio000 you just have me a idea for a project!



Hi t1 I know this is way of topic but I asked you on hopscotch and you didn't see so here is what I asked. Hi t1 wanna work on a project with Me?


@Alio000 and @t1_hopscotch want to make something with me? I was thinking the hopscotch forum in hopscotch
No one has done that!
So up to the challange?




Great:smiley: How about you @t1_hopscotch are you ready?


Is @t1_hopscotch even on?


But let's get started
Login to this Collab account:
Username: extra account
Password: 1234


Its funny cause this used to be a poll but now it is a chat space


I Shall log in as fast as I can!


@Gabe_N I'm logged in!


Look in drafts you will be surprised!


Are you logged in?????


You did? Did you create a new chat room


That was for my Collab with the pickle I'm making a Collab post called
Ali000 & Gabe n Collab so delete all replys in this post after you read this and then search the Collab post ok?


I just searched it but nothing came up!