Poll: Draw Pads


Just out of curiosity:
What is your favorite draw pad?

  • OrangePad
  • CheerfulOwl Pad
  • Star Girl Studios Pad
  • PizzaPad
  • JaszyKake's Pad
  • Other (List Below)



Pls vote


Orange scent all these polls you are making are currently very popular but do you acctually need these polls? (Dont get me wrong im not angry at you its just a question)


I'm just curious to see which ones people like so I can implement some features of the draw pads (of course, with credit)


Its got a use !!! Good thinking!!!


Orangecent can you follow me my hopscotch username is DreamyLemon:lemon:


Thx Orangescent !!!!!!!!!!!!!




I actually like Chesire's draw pad :stuck_out_tongue:


The OrangePad because thats the only pad I know :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Um...add MobPad?


I can't add any options, but I will look at your draw pad :wink:


Cough cough ehh cough


I'm sorry I forgot yours too :tired_face:


You guys should check out my drawing pad and out it in the poll. I'm Friendship Studios! I think it's called Hopscotch Draws.
https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/xq9n30ie9 It's DECENT and AWESOME.

  • Hopscotch Draws! Pad (Friendship Studios) AKA mine
  • PopPad (Poptart0219)
  • OrangePad (OrangeScent)
  • MobPad (Mobcraft
  • Star Girl Studios Pad (StarGirl Studios)
  • JaszyKake's Pad (JaszyKake)
  • PizzaPad (LotsaPizza)
  • Cheerful Owl Pad (CheerfulOwl)
  • Other (tell below and I'll make a new poll for it)