Poll and survey links!


Hello! In this topic, you can find and add links to different polls made on the forum!
Add any poll you would like others to easily find.
If you don't find any fitting category, feel free to add one.

User stats

Polls on usage time and similar.

When do you use Hopscotch?

Polls on project interaction

Polls on project interaction for Featured, Trending and in general

User specific polls

Polls relativt to one single user.

Non-Hopscotch polls

Polls that are not related to Hopscotch.

How many countries have you been to?

This is on Global Edit!


This is a really good idea! I will bookmark this topic!


Hi @CreationsOfaNoob on my hopscotch profile it is hopscotch War time again! Last year it got 127 likes! I was wondering if you could sponsor this year and maybe get info out that it is on! Thanks so much! CC p.s do you remember me?


This is a great idea! I have something to add now :slight_smile: