Poll About -Madi-


-Madi- is...

  • Awesome!! I love her lemonade stand game!!!
  • A legend!!
  • Cool
  • Well-known
  • Not so well-known
  • Average
  • Above average
  • Should be a leader
  • Shouldn't be a leader
  • Famous
  • One of the best coders ever!!
  • Who is she...?
  • Inspiring
  • A great coder
  • A bad coder
  • Kind of good at coding


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Thanks for your feedback!:smiley:


ur really cool but I don't think you use the forum enough to be leader. if you were more active though you would probably make a great leader.

i dun need capitalization, go away grammar police


I think you're cool. You're definitely good at coding. I based a game (made in two hours, so not very well made) of your lemonade stand game.


-Madi- is Senpai, @Madi_Hopscotch_


Yep I undertansd cause I just recently starting using the forum again


I really like the lemonade stand game xD


this is true it was an an awesome game.


I voted "A legend", "Awesome", "Inspiring", "A great coder", etc. You are really good at coding, inspired a lot of people! You are one of my favorite hops, senpai @Madi_Hopscotch_! :smiley_cat:


Thanks so much everyone!!! :smiley:


I think you're amazing!
I think for someone to reach leader (which you will XD) you have to be Regular, but not necessarily. Some people were promoted without being a Regular, but I think that raises your chances of being a leader because it means you're active. :D


Me too xD