Politics in hopscotch?


So recently I've been seeing a lot of DONALD TRUMP IS RACIST! and stuff like that do you agree with this? Hopscotch is for coding >:frowning:


I know it's like I HATE TRUMP projects it's getting out of hand

By helping are community please report these or email the hopsoctch team at help@gethopscotch.com!


This is not hopscotch related... Maybe make a project? Idk!


This is related it's about trump in hopspctch!


It's related to hopscotch we are trying to stop the politics its overflowing everything


I don't think these should be on hopscotch. This isn't politic chat this is a coding app. Some people support him and we must respect the community!

Just report them!


Ok...then report like huggingfluffybear said....I don't like Donld trump..


I've been reporting everyone I see I'm thinking of emailing them or trying to become a mod


Look at what I said to starrycat!


Even if someone did like Donald trump it's still bad!


Ok even if you don't like him express your opinions on maybe a politics app not hopscotch a lot of kids are on here and don't need to know about this stuff


I don't know any politic apps...l maybe....


It is free to express your opinions though, it doesn't matter what the subject is, if I made a complex text art of Hillary Clinton. That isn't a very valid reason to report me, is it?


I think that they're fine. There are already a lot of memes about him online, and they're just saying that they don't want him to become president. That's all! America has freedom of speech :smiley:


Nope! If you made a text art of Hillery Clinton that would be fine! But those voting boxes or the boo trump projects I don't think are ok..

I know people do have opinions but if someone supports trump and sees one of those projects they might be hurt and this could lead to a fight.


I agree with you 50 percent but.. What about the people who support him? They get made fun of?


No pixel art is fine! Just talking about politics :smiley:


I saw a funny/sad pic on Google img which said,

Before Obamacare this guy couldn't afford health insurance.
Now with Obamacare he is being punished because he can't afford health insurance.
I should make a quick billboard on Hopscotch with this message


That's what I'm saying is okay. Again:


But bullying Trump supporters is mean and shouldn't be allowed.