Pokemon101 Q AND A


hey! ask me some questoins!

  1. Do u have siblings
  2. Do u like hopscotch
  3. How did u find hopscotch
  4. Favorite project
  5. Favorite hopscotcher

  1. No, I Am The Youngest
  2. Defitley!
  3. I Forgot.
  4. I Don't Know! I Like Alot Of Them!
  5. @MissFluffyHusky


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What???????????????????? Body Invalid

  1. Why are you called Pokemon101?
  2. Top 5 fav hopscotchers
  3. Top 5 most inspiring hopscocthers to you
  4. how long have you been coding?
  5. What is your favorite project that you made?
  6. Was that a lot of questions? :wink:


Sorry, But I Cannot Reply. The Reason Is Because There Is A Glitch On Number 2


huh? im confused.......


Would you rather.......
Be trapped in Chillanna and have to do whatever someone puts as a rule or else you will be stuffed in a running shower of cold ketchup.

Have to be the person who makes sure Hopscotch Characters do what they are told to do in rules, but they fight you so they don't have to do it, and you must be the person to right down EVERY. SINGLE. RULE. And you work for MagmaPOP.


Number 2..............