Pokemon Sun/Moon contest!



Good morning! (Okay it might be afternoon or evening where u are, xD)
I have, yet another contest! You probably know that pokemon sun/moon is coming out next month. So here is what the contest is: each hopscotcher who want to enter code a project that has to do with pokemon sun and moon. It can be a trail art, pixel art, a pokemon sun/moon "trailer" that u made, pokemon quiz, etc. but if u have the subscription, u can use it but, it would be wise not to as it would not be fair to others.
If u want to do the contest, just fill out the form! Here it is:
Do u have subscription?:
What would u like to make:
Are u excited about pokemon sun/moon:

And if u want to give prizes, here is another form:
prize form
What prizes would u like to give:
What places would u like to give them to:

Here are the prizes:
1st drawing request from @Goobrgrlrye
50 likes from @goobrgrlrye
(Other prizes go here)

2nd drawing request from @Goobrgrlrye
(Other prizes go here)

3rd 50 likes
(Other prizes here)

There will be more prizes.
So I will be excepting entries until October 18th. And the contest ends when pokemon sun and moon come out. (November 18th)
Have fun!!!!
Any of u guys wanna join?


Hello. Do you want to start a pokemon collab account. Or we could make a collab account based on something else!




Sorry, you can't have your own mass tag list like that. You can only use the Offical Mass Tag List.

Take it down please


I currently never played a Pokémon game. Unless you count Pokémon go but I don't.

I would love to see it tho!


Oops sorry. I just tagged them to see if they wanted to do it.... :confused:


Err sorry but I'm really busy!