Pokemon Sun and Moon topic! (HS related)


Hi! This is my topic about pokemon sun and moon. You can post art, projects, and even just talk about how awesome the game is!
And everyone else who likes pokemon or has a 3ds!
Let's start with a poll!
Which one do you have/ like better???

  • Sun
  • Moon
  • both!


Votes are public.


I don't have Moon yet, but I'm getting it around Christmas time.


Awesome! I am hoping to get moon too!


I don't have either, but I've seen videos and watched my sis play the demo. I like them the same :smiley:


I got moon, just I have no idea where my 3DS is lol


Lol. I know where mine is, but I have no room for anymore games until I get a new case. I feel like I can't survive without a new case. :dizzy_face: I am hoping to get a lunala case.
I wish they had pokemon emojis XD


Just put all your games into a bag or something then put them into your case

I have a case, one side is yveltal and one is xerneas

Or just not put them in your case like I do

And I also have no games because being me I lost all of them


Who is your favorite evee evolution, @DatKawaiiPillow
And everyone else?
Mine are umbreon and vaporeon.
man this darn phone doesn't know anything about pokemon XD


Espy and jolty lol

I have plushies of them
and they so cute lol


I like Slyvion. !!!!!!


I want it

I really want it

It's on my birthday and Christmas list

but I don't have a 3DS so I need to get one of those first ;-;


I want it so bad but I doubt my parents will get it
I wanted to write like a little persuasive essay because like that's my only hope, doing work outside of school, but I don't think even that'll work


team skull is absolutly ridiculous and I love it.


Can I join your "Whenever-I-Say-Something-Pokemon-Related-I-Tag-These-People" list?
I don't have Sun nor Moon yet, I'm going to buy it myself. My one thing that I want for Christmas is a 3DS, because the one I had got stolen.
So yeah.
I'm planning on it.


Omg waffles the sylveon for life

I also like glaceon but who cares lol


Oh. That's cool... Very cool...

I like Glaceon and Sylveon too... are we da same.



Found these on teh interwebz


And no this is not my facebook


I played the demo.... I want one.... Idk which though.