Pokemon storiesHS Related


I am a fan of pokemon. so i thought if we made a group, we could display some work (pokemon and hs related) on a project.tell me if this is a good idea if this is a good idea,

(insert poll here. help lol)

if you dont care then stop reading now.
We could do pixel art and a kind of scroll?
BTW i have been not on the forum for AGES



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Hey, forum veteran! It looks like you joined before me.. but haven't posted much..


Hello! We joined pretty close to each other, I have also been here since 2015. But I stopped using the forum until like a year ago. Now I am here every day. To insert a poll, you can tap the gear icon above the text box while you make a post or edit a topic. A menu will pop up and you can tap "Build poll" to make a poll. This is how it looks like:

And this is a poll example:
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You can also make multiple choice polls and polls with number ratings. Tell me if you still don't understand!


I am the only one who has voted… HAha