Pokemon Hopscotch Version


I am creating a pokemon game on hopscotch, based on the main series games. Really, what I need for now are sprites. I will post updates on progress and requests for support here.

The first thing that needs to get done is the starter pokemon models. I have no specific request for the models except for them to be one of the three pokemon types; Water, Fire, and Grass. I will choose the best entry out of each type as the starter, and some of the others may become normal pokemon.

If you would like to create a sprite for one of the starters, remix this project with your starter submission. Then, reply to this topic with the link to the remix, and the starter name + type.

Thanks, -Nerd4Ever

Note : Everyone who helped will be credited in all drafts.

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Should we make the pokemon of Emoji text art or shapes?

  • Make the pokemon out of Emoji Text Art
  • Make the pokemon out of Shapes


Both would like nice enough, but emoji text art would be easier to program than shapes.
(I mean once the art is already done. It is easier to move a text object than the shapes.)


Emoji text art?! Really?! There is no comparison! Shapes are way better! The give a much better graphics :wink:


Both would look fine, and yes, shapes would look much better, but emoji art is much easier to program. What if I had to of the same pokemon? Easier if I can just copy and paste text art.

I'll just leave the poll till I get 10 voters, and then we can make a final decision.


I took myself of the tag list :wink:

Also, I'll make a pokemon when I have time soon


Thanks! And the poll is finished. Shapes.


When I saw this...

I was like



I would help but I know absolutely nothing about Pokemon or text/shape art..
But I do think shapes is the way to go...


Possible water starter?


Pokemon Professor?

He looks so derpy, I know.