Pokemon Go startup free for any to use



So far you swipe up and the pokeball rises up then down to Polyswirls centre.
This is as much as i am going to do as I'm busy with other programs
Anyone is free to use this if they want to make this type of game.


That is awesome!I think that right now there is a collaboration going on trying to make a Pokemon go game and if you showed them that they might use it!


awesome I love the game Pokemon go




I'm sry do u have a cold? :3


Me? A cold? wat?'


you did say "cough"


Like this -

Theres a collab, I wonder who made it - Happyfacegirl

Fake cough -Me


Oh. Well then... I saw the topic... Obviously... And uh... Yah. Bye!


. I'll see.... But thanks for offering me!