Pokemon go on hopscotch



Well I want to make a Pokemon go game (credit to @everyone especially @BB-Box )so basically you can sign up here if you want to be a Pokemon in the game and choose what type and all that

Sign up
Hopscotch username:
What type of pokemon(gas,water,fire,etc)
Name of Pokemon:

Okay that's it for now bye(I'm still on for 20 more mins!

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Why did everyone delete their posts?


Because I made a topic I didn't really need to and some people replied so I wanted to re cycle that topic


Can someone request?


Hi guys (and girls) I'm back!


It probably would take a long time to make dat game


I know something like 2 months or so


Good luck!:wink:


I think people aren't gonna join coz BB-Box is already doing it .So yeah


IK but I want a really good project and I'm addicted to Pokemon go


Yeah same .I got a venusaur bot


I've got a Pikachu
My sisters got 2 pikachus!
(My brothers got a 823cp hypno)


My little bro got two mr mimes! But we have seen six just not caught them all



Hopscotch username: aquabluelips
What type of pokemon(gas,water,fire,etc) water
Name of Pokemon: I don't know :stuck_out_tongue:


Ive got one Mr.Mime :slight_smile:


Hopscotch username:justanotherhopscotcher
What type of pokemon(gas,water,fire,etc)fire/steel
Name of Pokemon:oovenn


I am already making a pokemon go game.


You need to think of a name of that Pokemon first




Omg with the new hopschoch update making this will be so much easeyer sense I was trying make red form Pokémon but I can use the internet!