Pokémon go fan game a contest ETC


So some of you know I'm making a Pokémon go game sense I fear of me making a bad name which I do best so I named it GO and has some story which ties in with frost which ties in with undertale ETC pretty much for go's story you play as red or gold aka the first people in Pokémon, your in your late teens and we'll... Gotta chach em all but pretty soon things go... Odd and you first need team with your arch enemy blue (if your gold u have team up red to if your red you have to team up gold to) and also that wired thing is virus that is attracted to anything and tries to get it to destroy its self and one of the ways to stop it which is stronger then mewto, now that's pretty much long story short I can not right now I can not do dis sense my Ipad died and my dog ate my charger so 1. I have to take my dog to the vet and get a new charger

now I am doing a contest there are not many prizes its just for fun BUT THERES A BIG PRIZE FOR 1ST now this not great but I have kinda allredy disabade the rules but there are 2 owners of vortex so lol now to win the 5 prizes you have to have one of this game types a choice game a mmo a rpg or space survival game
the prizes
1st place wins acceces to vortex rules you are not aloud to delete any projects of mine,
a like to the game that impress me a follow and intro

2nd place wins a intro a like and a follow

3rd place wins a intro

(when wining 1st place you are a part of one cent.pro)
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