Pokemon Go Collab



I am making a pokemon go collab. It will use images from Pokemon Database. We will trade drafts.

If you want to help just tell me.

NOTE : Only taking 4 people

When the first demo is complete it will go here




Can I help? This sounds cool!
I'm subscribed, but it's being a bit glitchy, so I might not have it at times.




I'm pretty sure ___ Only clubs aren't allowed, soree. ;1


Then I can't collab with images? I think it's allowed in this particular case, considering I cannot do anything about it unless I don't use images. I doubt THT would keep us from doing any collabs with images.


I don't want to argue about this, so I won't push the issue.
But don't you think non-subscribers could still have lots to contribute?
K bye


They do, but non subscribers can't remix projects with images in them. If I could let non subscribers help while using images, I would. But I can't.


I think non-subscribers can re-use pictures that are already in the project.
@Liza, is this correct?


No, they can't. Read the update info.


Even though they might not be able to remix and code, they can still help a lot, with testing, thinking, critisizing and more, couldn't they?


They can't? I have a free week for being a beta tester, so I can't test it.


In the update page it said they can't. I'm just gonna make an alt account real quick and test.


Of course they could! Maybe they could suggest pictures on the forum!


Can I join?

My free trial will be here soon and I will buy it after!





I don't know when my free trial will be here...


I would allow non subscribers because

-they make up the majority of the hopscotch users right now
-they can suggest and help fine pictures of all 140ish Pokemon in the game
-they can help with graphics and code that you can put in the game.


I didn't think about this! @Nerd4Ever, I think Poptart0219 has a good point! :wink:


First Demo is Out

NOTE : It does not work in the web player.