Pokemon go collab!



Do you want to get pokemon go? But to lazy to walk?

Well play it in hopscotch!

Does anyone want to make a pokemon go with me?

Heres what I need:

  • Trail artist (2D map)
  • Pokemon maker (Random pokemon)
  • Location manager

Ill will only accepting those three.

If theres more, then please comment :D


Will you be active?
Are you good at your thing
Hopscotch name
Why do you want to do this

Is this safe?

Yes! You can catch most of the pokemon at your house
I dont have hopscotch on my ipad... But I will use my brothers ipad.


I will be reviewing your hopscotch account

PokeMon Go HS(E)
Back, I guess... Yay!

What do you mean most? If I can't walk in it how will I get the rest? :stuck_out_tongue:


Can you quote what I said?


Pokemon maker me


I win


Decently active

Who doesn't want to do it


Let me know when it's done! I will reward prizes to whoever who makes Pokemon go in hopscotch;)


Wait if im a pokemon maker do i have to code the pokemons?
As in like code their battle stuff?
Obviously i have to make shape art pokemons, but does that mean i have to code them appearing on the map, etc?


Ohhhh.... I should make a battle applcation...

But for pokemon maker, you make the pokemon on the map an stuff... Or both? Should they be separate requirements?


I just want to make pokemons
I cant be bothered coding their appearances (as in when they pop up) on the map because i need to finish my summer contest thing


Oh, ok.....

Fill out the Requirements then :)


idea:shake your ipad/phone to move


Hmm, nice idea

But still... I dont think people want to shake foreverz... But nice!


shaking simulator 2016


Can I Join? Oh, Wait, I'm Leavin.g Soon ;-;



Ummmmmmm ok?


I don't want to be in this collab (Because my parents won't let me get Pokemon go) but can you pleeeease make Eevee?

Just look at her!


Lets destory the news

Becayse thats just bad... Unless you walk off a cliff.

Be safe when pokemoning


Maybe We Can Make The Pokemon With Trail Art Or Pixel Art Or Like Square Pixel Art (I Don't Know How To Explain It '-')


Ducks Play Pokemon Go And This Happens


If you fill out the fourm, I will review all the post...


Lol, I was just thinking about making one.