Pokemon Gen 1: Remake?


No, storage doesn’t affect performance


I dunno then, it runs fine for me…


It should. If you have maxed your storage (hopscotch is constantly increasing megabites) it should stop you from continuing?


True. But then it doesn’t matter if it’s 64GB, or 256GB, it will just reach full storage sooner.


install more ram git gud

no dont do that lol


Might fix it up, at a later date, I believe that the next Pokemon game will probably be a remake of this. I’m busy now with things but if someone would let me remix their project and I will add photos like this:



Good idea…I can help with testing if you need it.


Stuff it. It’s gonna crash anyways
I have better things to do


I’m back
And I’m editing it for real

Darn I hate the sounds. I want some intense as music