Pokemon Gen 1: Remake?


Oh ok, and of course it still crashes but that is because of the transition, which isn’t working out at all


lol hunty try me


Stop, BlastFusion never did anything wrong. He was trying to stand up against all the flame wars, because no one else did. He wasn’t a coward, unlike everyone else




We all knneed w that BlastFusion is one of or not the best HSer on HS right now. Who cares if someone brags, is it hurting you in some way? And BTW nobody was even talking about Mental Awarness in the mental Awarness topic anyways, including you because you were just yelling at him.


bye felicia :wave:


And also he isn’t imposing on you. I a, so sorry you have to go through this @BlastFusion


b y e f e l i c i a stop gossiping about me


Get out of my topic. This is for my game in progress.


How about you go away, he isn’t hurting you…ok?


maybe if you didn’t gossip about me


Can you bug test please? Ignore her.




since when was this considered abuse? i’ll just back off now


Ummmm the screen where you buy hyper potions isn’t correctly on the z axis, it needs to be sent further up.
English Translation:It needs to be brought to the front of the screen, because it is currently invisible


Ok. Thanks, I’ll look at that.


Hi @Blastfusion The code in v2.0 is much improved :+1:

It still crashes but plays longer before doing so. So it looks like the efforts to clean up the code helped. My OCD wants to figure out why it’s still crashing. I noticed there’s still multiple Repeat Forever loops in “YOUR move”. How is the variable ‘Move Decider’ used?


Move decider:
0 = when you have to tap attack or restore, and which move you pick
1 = when you attack
2 = when the enemy attacks
Then it goes back to 0.

I’m just a bit worried that objects won’t pose correctly due to the changes I did in bring to front.


An aside, but this rule can be removed since you have the rule for 6.5 below it.