Pokemon Gen 1: Remake?


Darn, I really don’t want to add variables though.


Use a variable to keep track of the direction. So if Flip = 1, it means it is facing right. If Flip = 0, then it’s facing left. When you tap the right button, the character will only flip if the Flip variable is currently 0 (or whatever you choose to mean “left”)


Is there a way to not have variables?


You can use the object variables you already have. You’re probably not using all of them for the character objects.


No there isn’t a way…sorry


That’s confusing. I think I’ll just make a new one…


Wait I’m so confused.


Ok so instead of the arrows you can do checks, but your probably don’t want to do checks so you can make pixel text arrows and replace those. But pretty much replace the tapped with Game Starts and put a conditional check in which direction the character is going. Unless if you make arrow pixel texts


I’m confused, still.


What do you not understand?


Ok let me remix your prone time with the code, hold on for a few minutes


Oh wait I forgot you already have arrows


No don’t worry. I got it.
I just think I will clean the project a little more.


But do you get what the code does?


Please let me know if happy dolphin or anyone else is abusing me. I was being mature and as leadery as possible but yet they want to abuse me for that.


Yes I understand it. Thanks.


I haven’t seen anything yet…I stood up for when she was talking about you in a GT, and I told her to stop.


@HopscotchRemixer Any bugs I need to fix now? And @MR.GAM3R do you know any other way I could clean out the project?

Yes I’ll add you in the credits. Almost forgot.


Ummmm well the tutorial is invisible, post the new version with flipping and then I can see if there are any new bugs


The tutorial wasn’t brought to front.