Pokemon Gen 1: Remake?


The first time I played it, the shop didn’t appear. Only “buy potion” and the back button.


Yes that’s a bug that happened for me too, I don’t know why. Anything else?


No, other than that it was fine.

Just curious, for scene 6, you used is Tapped rules. Did it not work using Scene = 5.5?


There were so many references to scene 6, like from battle scene, the back button appeared in many scenes, and it had so many rules that I just thought of simplifying to taps.

Did it crash?


No, it didn’t. That’s fine, just wondering

Need anything else?


Ok, thanks. Do you think I should clean it out more? Or is that the max for what I can do.

Anyways sorry for accusing you yesterday it was pretty rude of me. I’m just annoyed at the curators.


Code looks a lot better than before. Is it running fine on your device? Do you think you are able to add the catching challenge back?


It’s running great on my device. Catching challenge - I think it’s a bit too much. If I wanted to add that I’ll just make a whole new game.
I don’t experience many crashes on my device. Thanks for helping.


I can’t remember if I did this or not, but I’ll do it anyways:
Thank you all so much for helping make this game. I believe it revoloutionises Pokemon. It’s my best game and I’m proud to every last corner of the project, that it was successful.
@ThinBuffalo thanks so much for your help, the mountains and showing me many other useful things. I’m terribly sorry for accusing you yesterday, and I hope you enjoy the rest of your trip.
@MR.GAM3R thanks so much for really helping me clean the project and for amazingly bug checking it. And again I’m sorry for my poor behaviour yesterday.
@NindroidGames you saved me so much time by lending me the pixel alphabet. Thanks a lot.
@HopscotchRemixer thanks so much for being an amazing bug checker, and also assisting in the clean out. You motivated me the whole time, to continue and make it as best as possible.

Thank you all so much and I wonder what idea I’ll have next time. In these next 24 hours is any of you spot any bugs (besides the character flipping geez I forgot again) please let me know.


Your welcome, it was a pleasure working with you…hope I can work with you again!:smile:


No problem. Always glad to help. If you want, we could try adding an in-game restart function. You just need to reset the variables properly.


I looked and the tutorial isn’t working. I forgot to flip the character. And the game crashes on an iPad Air 1 or below.


And you got all the info from me…ok
#1 Tester


You were amazing. I’ll never forget your incredible assistance.


Actually the pleasure was mine…I dreamed of working with you when I joined HS…


How do you do the flipping? It’s harder than it sounds. @HopscotchRemixer, @MR.GAM3R


I can show you some code, hold on a second


Do you want to flip the entire character? Does the Flip block not work?


No but when you tap left it flips, but when you tap right it unflips. What if you tap right first? It’ll still flip.


Ok here you go @BlastFusion, some flip code I made awhile ago