Pokemon Gen 1: Remake?


How would that help? Oh because it is constantly increasing. Hey, so that means that the visibility is increasing, so wouldn’t that be looping, which we are trying to prevent?


Sorry. I’m a bit outa mathematics today. So if I want it to go to 0, I did it wrong, should it be increase by -0.5 because 2 negatives makes a positive? Maybe that’s the mistake.


Yes. -0.5 + 0.5 is 0. Two negatives only make a positive when you’re multiplying.

Is the Fade in block the same as it was when I looked at your project? Did you try setting invisibility to 100 at the beginning of the block? Well, actually if we’re not looping them anymore that might not be the case then.


This code doesn’t seem to work:

The second check


So what do you mean? I didn’t change any rules.
Should I send you the working draft?
@MR.GAM3R it won’t take me to -0.5. This is ballistic. I can’t do it, I can barely understand my code.


Where are you trying to set it to -0.5? Could you send a screenshot?


When you tap that arrow indicating 'back’
The screen shot above shows all. I changed -1 to -0.5


I was referring to the missing tutorial objects. Will talk about that later I guess.

About the back button, is there any code that is setting the scene in a loop? This may be why. And is -0.5 the scene itself, or just an inbetween scene?


-0.5 is Inbetween scene to 0.
I don’t think there is a loop with the back button
@MR.GAM3R can you help or will I have to do I all tonight.


That was what I was trying to tell you.


Make a new object and put a Set Text to Scene in a repeat forever loop. Then, when you try to change the scene, see if the number changes.


I found the problem since tutorial was a cloned text, two things were being tapped so it increased above 8.

Anyways are you on? I really quickly need to release this version.


H @Thinbuffalo or @MR.GAM3R
Ini brief detail, just on the top of your head is there any other way/methods I could use to clean out the project? I’m finishing up with loops, anything else?


Are there any bugs you’re having trouble with now?


I’ll have a look now.


Do you think it’s better if I go with this code and vice versa:


Yeah, it might help. It’s just adding a Check Once If, so even if it didn’t do much it’s not a big deal. Try it, and see if objects are still disappearing.


Can you bug test? And see if it is less laggy and less crashes?


Sure. Send me a link


So is there a performance difference with this and v1?