Pokemon Gen 1: Remake?


Don’t ask me. I have no clue.


I think I get it now, when the variable reaches the whole number, it turns completely visible or invisible. But shen it increases by decimals, it is increasing or decreasing the invisiblilty


@MR.GAM3R I was just typing something very similar :smile::+1:


I still don’t get it. It’s still always checking if the scene is X.5. I don’t get what difference it’ll make.

I’m confused. I tried adding it and the code acts like as if I have a bunch of check once ifs.


Integers. Non-integers. It doesn’t matter. The point is that there are intermediate steps between switching scenes.

If it’s easier to follow just renumber the scenes use integers.


Yes, but it’ll only run the code inside the block once, per scene switch.


But push Animation is shorter than fading. So when push Animation is done scene goes to an integer and the fading is only half done.

I’ll send an image explanation hold on


So I go in the tutorial for the first time. It works. I go in credits. It works. I go back to home page. Then I go to tutorial and the credits box is missing. Then back again, and go back into the tutorial and literally everything is missing.

If I am annoying you two just don’t worry. I probably am because I know myself to be a pain in the butt, but when I work I like to really know what I am doing, instead of getting a bunch of answers from others an ‘cutting and pasting’


I understand that… You’re missing my point…


So @HopscotchRemixer you do know another way to make it less buggy according to the poll?
Then how?


Yeah I was thinking the same thing you were…using tapped instead of checks. I can do a test…


Now I’m going to see it and work out what I can do.


Ok, I can do any tests you need me to do in your projects. If you want you can give me a checklist of things to do and see if doing those actions makes the project crash. And then you can fix those specific objects and their code


Please speak English
No ablo Espanol


You can just go into my published copy. I just need to finish off the invisible half scene parts which are terribly confusing.


Yeah ok. I can test everything 5 times. Be back in like 10 minutes


Ok thanks.


Ok, I just olay tested it a few times, when tapping start, after 5 trials, the game didn’t crash. After choosing my Pokémon 5 times(using different Pokémon) it didn’t crash. After the first battle I won was done, it crashed. So I think the transition from a battle to the main world. I think this is because this is where the biggest transition of pixel texts are turning invisible and others visible. So maybe try changing those if you haven’t already


I’m trying that annoying invisible thing and I just don’t know how to do it.


Yeah uh…they really do need to speak English. Translate what they are saying through Google Translate. Or without the jokes, turn all the written code and turn it into HS code